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Chorizo for paella

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I'm going to cook a paella for a group this weekend (chicken, shrimp and chorizo), and I'll be following a recipe that was printed in the NYT about 2 years ago. It calls for 1/2 pound of chorizo, "peeled and into small cubes", and in the cooking process it is sauteed until "warmed through". Today I went and bought some fresh chorizo from a Spanish market, it is in a natural casing and is obviously totally raw. But the more I read the recipe, I think it implies the use of cured chorizo. Any thoughts? Will the dish still be good if I use the crumbled fresh instead?

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Yes, it's different. Yes, it will still be good.

I suggest sauteeing the raw chorizo and then tossing the fats before adding to the rest of the dish though.



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Purists in Valencia may look down on the "internationalized" paella which often mix chicken with seafood and yes, chorizo. Traditional paella typically does not mix meat from the land with fruit from the sea.

However, to each his/her own, I say, and I have had fabulous versions of both the purist's paella and the all in one type. There is something to be said for the less opulent, yet very savory versions in spain which focus on usually one type of flavor e.g. asparagus only, chicken only, snails...

Chorizo btw, is fabulous. My favorite is the Gran Doblon, which is a large bore piece of cured sausage which goes great with fresh bread and manchego cheese. However, for paella, one would use the thinner types such as chorizo pamplona.

On their own, quickly stir fried chorizo slices make a wonderful tapas.

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