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Thanks, John!

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John, a warm thanks from all of us at eGullet for participating in this Q&A and for joining further discussion in Symposium.

Some comments from the past few days that I will long remember:

Q. As a food writer, I'm always torn between the need to make new dishes and the desire to play it safe and content by making an old favorite. How do you balance these out? When you're working on an issue of Simple Cooking, how do you work on the recipes? Satay five nights in a row?

A. Well, that depends. If I'm working on an essay called "Too Drunk To Cook," then I don't have to worry about that.

* * *

I started the breakfast and midnight snack diaries as an exercise in writing about the purely animal appetite that only emerges in total privacy.

* * *

You can say, "well, that's just your taste," and I won't deny it, but, believe me, my taste embraces a universe.

It does. And we are grateful for your sharing it with us. We hope you've enjoyed your stay and that you will come back often; you will always be an honoured guest here.

Jonathan Day

"La cuisine, c'est quand les choses ont le go�t de ce qu'elles sont."

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A profoundly felt second to that motion. John T apologizes for the unfinished state of his spontaneous remarks, but it is better to listen to a master musician just fooling around than to sit through the laboriously prepared recital of an an earnest but unoriginal drudge.

John Whiting, London

Whitings Writings

Top Google/MSN hit for Paris Bistros

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John, no doubt you set the standard for how one would wish Q&A subjects to participate. Your sensitivity, observations and wit are rare in a field filled with pomposity and "know-it-alls". I thank you for your whole-hearted participation. It was one of the great highlights for the eGullet community.

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John, thank you so very much for your participation.

And if you ever rethink your decision not to return to Long Island, please keep a couple of thoughts in mind:

Not all of the changes since you left have been negative. The island seceded (after much debate and turmoil) from the City, and has been engaged in a truly remarkable experiment in democracy ever since. Textbook-worthy, in fact!

And "the area," the central part of the island that was taken over by the Navy in WWII has finally been de-fenced. Some lots were sold for houses, but the vast majority of the land is now a nature conservancy, accessible to all. It's like having a whole other island to explore.

And, you and Matt would be given a most warm welcome and accommodations by the islanders, should you choose to visit.

Thanks again! It's been a real treat.

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