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Trader Liuzhou's Mango Chutney


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A recent mention of mango chutney on the Trader Joe's Products (2017–) topic reminded me of this which I've been making for decades. It isn't really an Indian style but can be adapted in any direction, I think.


It is, I happily admit, based on something I read years ago and can’t remember exactly what or where, but I have altered it over the years enough, I think, not to be a total steal!


I love it with simple poached chicken, on cheddar cheese sandwiches, with curries etc. I’ve even eaten it with Beijing Duck, but don’t tell anyone! I've also given as gifts to friends.


150 g soft brown sugar

150 ml white wine vinegar

1 star anise

½ a red onion

2 cloves garlic

1 thumb ginger

red chillies (see notes)

3-4 mangoes

1 tsp black mustard seeds



Dissolve sugar in vinegar

Add everything else

Simmer 25-30 minutes or until your desired consistency is reached





1) All measurements are ’to taste’. Those listed are my preference but I think, a good starting point for experimentation.


2) I use Chinese white rice wing vinegar but the grape variety will be just fine.


3) Chillies are very much to taste. I use Chinese ‘facing heaven chillies’ but any hot red chillies in amounts reflecting your capsaicin tolerance should do the trick. I probably use more than many of you would.


3) The mangoes I use are those which fit in my average male hand. But just. Not hard; not mush Again, up to you and your preferences.


4) Keeps in the fridge for months - unless of course you eat it. I do.






I know nothing about Trader Joe or his chutneys but I'm sure he knows even less about me.



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