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Wesson vegetable oil supply issues?

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I thought we were long past the supply issues that plagued all of us at various times during/post pandemic; but just this week I've noticed that the Wesson Vegetable Oil I was buying (in bulk, from BJ's Warehouse Club) is now no longer carried at BJs (it was in store for a while but over the last year, it's only been available via shipping.) There was a 1.25 gallon size from warehouse clubs and a 1 gallon size at supermarkets.   Some grocery stores have it, some don't (my local  Market Basket chain has been out of stock for the last two  or three weeks), Walmart has it, Target doesn't.  Amazon was a ridiculous price for it. 


The BJs brand of vegetable oil seems to be available, in the 1.25 gallon size so I'm wondering if this is just Wesson that is affected.   anyone noticing this?  or any other "shortages"?

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