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Has Anyone Vacuum-Sealed a Cut Onion?


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I was making a Gyro for lunch today and just needed a few slices of fresh onion.  So I just cut off a bit of a medium sized onion and then used the ol' FoodSaver to seal it back up.  After about 9 hours now (at room temp), I must say, it still looks pretty pristine.


In anticipation of this. I looked at the interwebs and most of the advice was to saran-wrap it and put it in the fridge - but never to treat it as fresh from that point on.


Surely I'm not the first person to try this.  Is this bad?  Dangerous?

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I definitely follow the advice you found on the internet, though I think it was just common sense that led me to Saran wrapping cut onions. I also put them into a small freezer bag, as I find it helps keep any stray odors from emanating from the cut onion.  Most of the time, the leftover onion is getting cooked, but if the plan is to use it raw (i.e.: as if it were fresh), I just cut off a thin slice from the cut end, and discard it.

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my use is similar to the above .


but I use those plastic bags that come on rolls at the supermarket 


you put free standing veg in .


over time , the onion actually  grows in the refrigerator , and its flavor become more pronounced


w a lot more bite  .   if it gets too strong , slice for your current need


then soak in cold water for a bit  , pat dry  , and use them that way.

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