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ChickFA, Panera Bread, Tyson, etc. no longer using antibiotic free meat


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the question I have is 


''''  To maintain supply of the high-quality chicken you expect from us, Chick-fil-A will shift from No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) to No Antibiotics Important To Human Medicine (NAIHM) starting in the Spring of 2024  ''''


is NAIHM  simply a ' trade ' category similar to 


' Angus Beef ? '  


are their any independent reviews on what NAIHM really is 


or just more mumbo-jumbo 


as simply profit , and more profit is the determinate ?


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Well, profit is always a pretty safe assumption.


A less cynical view is that there have been a number of massive, well-publicized culls of battery chickens due to bird flu and (probably) other illnesses over the past few years. I'm not privy to the decision-making process here, but I expect switching from "no antibiotics ever" to NAIHM gives them more leeway to deal with illness in the flocks while still maintaining the primary goal of not filling humans with antibiotic-resistant pathogens.


...or at least, in theory. I haven't done the necessary reading to know how well-founded that might be.

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In general antibiotics in agriculture are usually not given to fight disease but to enhance growth.  There is a roughly 10% weight gain in an animal treated with abx when young...something to do with the gut flora....


10% is a huge gain...like having another free cow for every 10 animals




Antibiotics don't fight viruses eg bird flu.... and typically don't stay in the animal, so the meat you eat typically wouldn't have any in any event.

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The dangerous things about antibiotics for farm animals are not that drug is retained in meat we eat.


The danger is resistant organisms engendered by the drugs that are in the waste from the farm and pumped into the environment ...and infections in farm workers ...and resistant organisms recoverable from supermarket meat.


And remember, the drugs aren't given to treat infection they are growth stimulants (see above).

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