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Locatelli Deal in Northern NJ?

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It's been a couple years, but Trader Joes used to carry Locatelli Pecorino Romano.  7 bucks a pound, and potent AF.  Then they switched to private label.  I think it's still imported, and the price is right, but the wedge I tried had no umph whatsoever. After that, it's no more private label for me. Locatelli or bust.  I'm having an especially hard time finding a good price in Northern NJ.


Aldi - doesn't carry it

Shoprite - $16/lb

Wegmans - only private label

Uncle Giuseppe's - $15/lb

Costco has it for $10/lb, but, it's a 2 lb. block.  I don't go through it that quickly, and, while it keeps well in a glass jar, I don't have a jar that size, and, even if I did, I just can't afford that much space in the fridge.

When it comes to finding the best price on food, I'm normally in my comfort zone, but, this is really kicking my butt. 


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Might want to see if you have a location of A&S near you. The various locations go by A&S Pork Store, Italian Specialties, etc. in North Jersey. 

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Locatelli is 12.05 a pound at Costco as of 5 minutes ago. 1.4 lb chunks, priced per pound. Not two pounds. I've been purchasing at Costco for 15+ years. Some chunks are smaller, some a bit larger. 

That said, it freezes beautifully. I just had 2 pounds of CypresGove, a pound of Roth goat, a pound of havarti, and a pound of gruyere delivered. About the size of two beer cans in the door of my small counter depth fridge. 

When I was ordering from a local restaurant supply during Covid, I was buying a 4 pound full round of a nice pecorino and a young gorgonzola. 

Could not log in to the Paramus NJ location but I've shopped there a few times. 


Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 12.18.38 PM.jpeg

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