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Help w. All-Clad sales


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""  All-Clad ""  sorry ...


there just was an all-clad sale , factory seconds 


over the easter weekend.  ended Sun midnight






it seems a second sale   


is this the ' same ' sale , or are the prices different ?


Im interested in this pan :




its unlikely the copper core is going to make a noticeable difference , but ....


then there is this one :



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1 hour ago, rotuts said:

is this the ' same ' sale , or are the prices different ?

I also got the email yesterday for an April 12-14 sale. 
As far as I know, you can only view the current sale so unless you made note of the previous sale prices, there isn’t a good way to compare. 

I bought that copper core 4 qt chef’s pan w/ domed lid from them in 2020 for $139.95 but have not monitored the price since then. 
It's a nice pan, but pretty heavy.  The pan itself weighs about 5 lbs and the lid is about 1 lb 12 oz so I definitely appreciate the helper handle. 

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thanks for that info.


its clearly a bit heavy for me these days.


I have two smaller sauciers i use all the time.


April 18th ( MA ) is Tax Day.


I like to sneak in a treat at that time.


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