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Something that cuts the mustard.


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From Wikipedia.fr:





La Savora est une marque de condiment inventée en Angleterre en 1899, dont la texture est proche de la moutarde.

En 1899, la société Colman's lance un condiment à base de farine mêlée de plusieurs épices et de vinaigre, Savora. Le produit ne sera commercialisé en France qu'après la Première Guerre mondiale.

Son goût, mais non sa texture, est proche de celui de certains pickles ou chutney, préparations d'accompagnement servies sur les tables britanniques au XIXe siècle, héritage de l'Inde.

Sa particularité est d'être composée de onze épices et aromates : poivre, cannelle, piment de Cayenne, noix de muscade, curcuma, clou de girofle, céleri, ail, estragon, etc.

La marque devient française en 1964 (Générale alimentaire), produite par Amora, qui appartient désormais au groupe Unilever.


From Google Translate:


Savora is a brand of condiment invented in England in 1899, whose texture is close to mustard.


In 1899, the Colman's company launched a condiment made from flour mixed with several spices and vinegar, Savora. The product will only be marketed in France after the First World War.


Its taste, but not its texture, is close to that of certain pickles or chutney, accompanying preparations served on British tables in the 19th century, a legacy of India.


Its particularity is to be composed of eleven spices and herbs: pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, clove, celery, garlic, tarragon, etc.


The brand became French in 1964 (General Food), produced by Amora, which now belongs to the Unilever group.

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Savora sounds more like a piccalilli without the vegetables. French mustard is a definite mustard texture, but with a much sweeter flavour than most. Though savora may have the right spice blend.

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