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6 hours ago, liuzhou said:

Knife curvation is variable in home knives, but not extreme. Bone knives are in general much more curved.


When a curve meets another curve, the point of contact is very small, as a result the force of impact (PSI) increases significantly, which is what you need to split a bone. 



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Id like to argue , for fun and entertainment purposes only  


with regard to cleavers and bones :


lets argue the bone is round .


a curved blade striking that curved bone initially toughest the round bone in one small spot


exactly the same for a straight blade , on a rond bone.


the its different  for a flat bone :  the curved blade does indeed exert its force on a small area


where as a flat blade distributes the for along the entire flat blade to the flat bone.


thus the curved blade gains a bit on a flat bone , not a curved bone 


so over all , the curved blade is better by 50 %

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11 hours ago, liuzhou said:

@dcarch @rotuts


I think you are both missing one major point. Bone cleavers are about three times heaver than the regular varieties. Curvature is a feature, but weight is more so.


Yes, weight + gravity + speed = total force of impact.


My four tools for bone cutting:



Top cleaver, good enough for chicken bones.

The saw, I don't use.

Bottom, good enough for pork ribs. Notice the front edge has extra metal for added weight, and the extra length of the handle which will give you lots of speed when you swing the cleaver down.

The fourth? My table saw in my shop for large bones like in pork butts. It takes 5 seconds without effort.





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