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GQ interview with Marion Nestle, NYU emerita professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health.


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Money quote:



Once you look at food products as widgets that need to be sold to make money for stockholders, you begin to understand how the food system works.



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Thanks. Makes a great read. She makes some useful comments about how to assess the value of scientific papers among other things. 

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She's done a bunch of interviews and appearances on Heritage Radio Network. One thing I wish she would try to emphasize more is the role of the USDA and FDA in creating and perpetuating our broken food system instead of placing so much emphasis on corporate bogeymen. There are lots of those to be sure (she heaps a lot of warranted abuse on Nestle in her book Food Politics, for example). But US food policy favors the production of low quality commodity agricultural goods which then get transformed into low quality highly processed foodstuffs, and a lot of those incentives came out of government subsidization and ag policies during the Cold War. I wish she'd focus more on that part of the story. Regardless, she's a legend in the field (and for good reason).

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