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Restaurant Recommendations in Alicante (City) and Valencia (Old Town)


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It's our 1 year delayed 50th Anniversary trip.


We have made reservations for that night in Alicante at https://stekirestaurante.es/ which will be our 1st ever Michelin starred eatery. 


We prefer tapas and small bites to heavy meals.  


Any all suggestions in either city appreciated!



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Our VRBO hosts recommended  Lienzo  https://www.restaurantelienzo.com/  for my 70th birthday on the 27th.   


Will look into Salita as well.  Mi esposo's BD is the 26th.  


It's a weeklong celebration for us 🍷💣🥂

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Pics of most of 10 course tasting menu at Lienzo in Valencia.


Cucumbers Three Ways

cukes 3 ways lienzo.jpg


Eel with Fig

eel with fig.jpg


Squid covered with Inky Edible Mesh

calamar lienzo squid ink mesh over tender squid.jpg


We already took a bit...gel encased salmon mousse 

we already took a bit...encased in gel, salmon mousse.jpg


Corn Soup with Raw Shrimp

corn and shrimp soup  lienzo.jpg


White Bean and Wild Mushroom Consomme

white bean mushroom consome.jpg


Goat cheese wrapped in local honey 

goat cheese wrapped honey.jpg


Lamb with gnocchi, turnip puree and black sea salt

lamb with gnocchi and black salt.jpg


Dessert...honey in all forms imaginable

dessertlienzo honey everything'.jpg

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