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Jacques Pepin: French Food, French Cars


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delightful article





“People still like French food just like they like other foods,” he says, adding, “Americans matured and learned about a larger variety of options.”

Mr. Pépin, who calls himself an optimist, hastens to add that he doesn’t see this as a bad thing. He remembers vividly how culinarily grim America was when he arrived, drawn by a youthful enthusiasm for jazz. At first, he marveled at the idea of the supermarket.

“But when I went in, no leek, no shallot, no other herbs, one salad green that was iceberg,” he says. “Now look at America. Extraordinary wine, bread, cheese. Totally another world.”""


hoping its not behind a paywall.

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On 9/3/2022 at 4:36 PM, rotuts said:



Nice. Very Nice.


Espresso is so much cheaper in NorthY, GB


then Paris ,


yet perhaps not as tasty .


however :


bet the plumbing is better in NorthY


than Paris 


just saying .

Not sure about it being cheaper than Paris, bars have used ‘un petit café’ at €1 to entice customers across Paris (and much of France).  At this address in North Yorkshire an espresso is very good (husband being perfectionist coffee brewer), sadly coffee shops trade more on the “dessert in a mug”, piles of cream and other stuff that hides the taste of the coffee.  Mark ups are huge of course so no doubt good for small businesses.  

Plumbing in Paris is much improved in recent decades, thankfully!  It was never very practical to attempt to use ‘the waters’ as a female wearing trousers.  😁

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Thank you. Loved this:

“A couple of decades ago, Gloria Pépin, weary of the magazine and newspaper photographers and television crews traipsing through the house and commandeering the kitchen, gave her husband an ultimatum: Either they go or I do.

Accordingly, a second kitchen was built on the ground floor of the back house. “The original structure cost us $21,000,” Mr. Pépin said. “When we redid it with the new kitchen, it was $300,000.” Marital harmony: priceless.”

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more than once 


for sure.


Ill look for my book


and if not


look in the iPad for the ebook


if you have not read this book


and it comes your way.


make sure you get to the Invasion of Long Island 


by the Rotten Cow Heads !


all true ! 

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