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Filled Pasta , in a Salad : Cooking methods ?


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its getting hotter , here.


I do love filled pasta 


and did that , enjoying it all 


some time ago :


now :  my filled pasta , purchased w some discernment 


works well for me :  


in a soup etc 


because Its easier for me to get


the hydration for the pasta 


im eating , just right w the ' soup '


w the FastaPasta  , you added a bit of FP water 


for your Ragu.


cooking Tortellini , then chilling 


and using later ?


re : post cooking water absorption ?


google :


""'   Cook tortellini in salted water according to package directions. Rinse with cool water, drain and add to a large serving bowl. Pour half of the dressing over the warm pasta and toss to combine. Add the remaining salad ingredients to the tortellini ""


so m, does the dressing solve the post cook


water problem , w pasta ?


or the cool water ?






just yet !


PS TJ's table white 


work well as a 


"" Cooler ""


Im working on  that .

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My understanding is the rinse is to get rid of the starch that would be desirable in a warm sauced prep bur gluey cold. The dressing then immediately for better flavor absorption.  You don't get that with saucing later out of fridge - in my experience. 

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59 minutes ago, rotuts said:

so m, does the dressing solve the post cook


water problem , w pasta ?


or the cool water ?






just yet !


I like a tortellini in a pasta salad.  Haven't made it in a while so I appreciate the reminder.  

Not sure exactly what the water problem is. I've always felt that tossing the cooked tortellini with the dressing and letting it sit for a while both hydrated and flavored the pasta so you don't want to overcook the pasta in the beginning or it will get too soggy.  I usually undercook a bit, as I do when finishing pasta in a sauce. 

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I accepted a Hit for the Team :  a Heat Hit 


mise :




yesterday AM  I cooked the Aldi tortellini in my medium Saucier.


fortunately , my Thinking Cap 


( remember those ? ) 


must have been near by :  I microwaved the water in a pyrex measuring cup


to a boil , rather than used the Saucier on the gas stove.


I did need to use the GS for a bit to get the cooking done.


and its heat was noticeable , yet not deadly 


the package says 2 minutes .  the Tort's were from the refrigerator .


4 minutes @ a light boil deemed to get the job done.


I used tap water to cool , and changed it 3 times 


as tap water here is beginning to warm up


I divided the cooled T's into two containers 


and added some Artichoke supernate


( shaken up first ) to one sample 


and left the other sample plain.


refrigerated over night .




these T's did not have prosciutto 


that made a difference .  they were plain and a bit bland 


the Supernate sample was tastier , but the oil for the Aldi's was soybean .


Ill use a vinaigrette next time .  TJ's has some Dijon , from Dijon !


these will be fine on a hot day , w some of the marinated artichokes 


and the vinaigrette .  maybe even in a Role-Up w dressed mature spinach.


something new for me to work with on a Hot summer day.



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