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Fancy Tuiles / Overly Decorative Small Thin Foods


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Not sure what subforum this belongs on as it seems to be an old pastry technique that is now being used in savory cooking, and the equipment is very important to the production.


What do people think of these very decorative items (not sure what to call them either) that are showing up a lot more in popular/modern cooking?


Photos for example attached (from Moldbrothers website)


I am seeing tuiles everywhere now - I was just at Geranium in Denmark and I think I was served 3 or more increasingly elaborate tuiles. But items using gum paste style molds are everywhere too, huge on instagram.


Personally I think they are quite striking and beautiful, but my main concern is the sticking value of the technique. Will they become the next balsamic reduction and square plates in 10 yrs? I want to invest in some equipment and learning them but this would be my main concern. Am I just receiving overly selective advertising? Anyone know of sources for the equipment? Moldbrothers seems to be quite popular although is pricey. I'm still trying to find the right search terms for Aliexpress...

(Mold Brothers - photo used for descriptive purposes - https://moldbrothers.nl/en/product/ribble-disc-pressing-kit/)

(Mold Brothers - photo used for descriptive purposes - https://moldbrothers.nl/en/product/butterfly-tuille-mold/)

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more specific photo attribution (log)
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