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Cooling room for sale

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Hi guys, have more stuff to sell. We are moving and I have to say goodbye to our cooling room. I sell it for 1800eur. We will dismantle it and put it on 1-2 pallets for delivery. In great working condition, work horse, never fails, great for cooling chocolate, pastry, confectionery, storage etc.. + can be used with mould trolleys as it has no bottom. Very effective in keeping the temperature to as low as 0. Temperature control is included too. The only thing is that we have to keep the door (you can easily find it new or used or make it yourself). 3.2x2m (2.1m height). Who wants to reserve it? we can ship it sometime next month. Pm please :)  domantas@chocolatenaive.com


Item is located in Lithuania, Europe.





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