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next step roaster for 2kg/5lb cacao beans?


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What would you all consider the next step roaster for cacao beans?


Here's the background: I make chocolate from scratch as a hobby, currently have a behmore which I've modified with a bean temp probe and connected to an arduino device I made with some old processing software I hacked a few years ago when I was into roasting coffee (which was on a small huky 500 roaster). 


The behmore's capacity is too small.  I'd like to roast about 2kg/5lbs in one sitting.  I asked the chocolate alchemist dude this question, and he said to just use more than one behmore roaster... nah, not for me.  Apparently the next step up is 10k USD.. yeah.. also not for me.  This is a hobby, I don't sell anything, just make a few dozen bars every 3-4 times a year to taste the beans and share with friends.  I'd like to double what I do now without doubling up the roasting, and stop there.


A friend sent me this video: https://twitter.com/blogto/status/1529230762683162624?s=21&t=y6zmnWlIXSwZiLeMrosDqQ

The dude there is simply using a commercial convection oven.  Huh.  Is that the answer?  Or maybe modify one of these ovens with a rotisserie?  That's really all the behmore is, a small rotisserie toaster oven.  But, I was hoping to find a drum roaster with fan control.  I remember trying to stuff 1lb of beans into the small huky, and despite the difficulties, the resulting roasts were possibly better than what I get form the behmore?  I would attribute it to the fan.  Who knows, it could just be nostalgia creeping in.


But this opens up some possibilities.. it could also be a small, commercial steam oven that I keep in my garage and could bake my pastries as well.  Hmmm.  Those are super pricey, but maybe I could pick one up at an auction or a used one from a restaurant supply place.


Thanks for your thoughts and time!

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