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"We Feed People," Ron Howard documentary about José Andrés' World Central Kitchen

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It's a National Geographic production and will be available tomorrow, May 27 on Disney+, airing for the first at 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific.

I'm a big fan of the way they support local restaurant workers and food suppliers (whose jobs/operations are almost always disrupted when disaster strikes) with what's needed in their local areas.  

A local -to-me chef, Tim Kilcoyne, was impressed enough with their work during the Thomas Fire that he signed on full time and I've been following him in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.  Nice to see them recently handing out restaurant vouchers instead of meals or groceries in areas where businesses are able to reopen.  War zones seem like a stretch for their mission but there is no denying they are doing good work.

I'll be watching tomorrow.


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Yes I follow them. The people on their teams and the way they integrate with communities is extraordinary.  Thanks for giving this community the heads up. I wish I had the physical ability to volunteer. (don't have the financial to donate...)

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Thanks for sharing - will have to take a look.


Disney is certainly smart with how they are diversifying their offerings...now I do not feel as bad for having a subscription basically just so that my 4 year old daughter can watch Frozen and Frozen II on mass repeat.



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