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Perking Up Frozen Vegetables


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sometime my frozen veg 


resting comfortably in the freezer


de-hydrate over time.  one can tell if there is frost in the bag


I refresh them in cold water from frozen


and this seems to be quite helpful :




right out of the freezer ( MarketBasket Fz mixed veg ) note there are quite a few Floaters




10 minutes later  . of note I change the cold water to make sure all items thaw


note Green Beans take longer than the rest .




only one GB  ( 10 O'Clock ) hasn't gotten the message .


Im posting this because this is my new technique :


using the medium Oxo Salad spinner  !  one just lifts out the insert


rather than pour into a stainer .  Ive been doing this the the clumsy way for years !


and Ive had spinners for ever .


also of note :  I now use my iPhone 12 Pro  rather than my Sony SLR.  iPhone works quite well


however , the image got blurry changing from the first lens to the second . First time this happened 


Im not saying I had a bit of angina from this problem , but .....


I tried cleaning the lens , but no-go


I called AAPL :  and learned that if this happens  one taps the glass ( clean fingers of course )


and it focuses .  I used to be Tech-y , not so much theses days


AAPL is certainly a fine company w outstanding products !


( F.D.:   I do not work for AAPL , but have had their computers since the beginning of


Modern Time.   I do have a few shares , not too many :



well worth it Id say .



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I though of Vac'ing them


then decided it was too much work .


these veg are not several years old , which is also helpful 


3 - 4  months ?

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I'm a big fan of frozen vegetables, certainly in the winter when the good, local fresh ones aren't available.


Green beans, baby peas, corn are all in my freezer.


I cook 'em as if fresh, with butter, olive oil, shallots, salt, pepper, and maybe a little stock. When "cooked" then I let the liquid evaporate and I end up with glazed vegetables. We like them a lot.





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