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Cook's Illustrated reviews Smart Ovens Mar Apr 2022


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“Smart” countertop ovens use technology to take over cooking for youor guide you step by step. Are any worth buying?   """

what's not really clear if all of these area Steam Ovens 


no wonder :  It haas an Oven Camera ! [ ed.: wondered what happens to those  ]


Top is June Smart Onen .   but it's not lear to me this has Steam-Bake features


remember their emphasis is on Tech // Apps  , I think


Anova is last :




I don't think they understand 'Steam-Oven' , and SV in an overnight , well there it is.


however to put CI and its opinions in its own context :


earlier in the magazine it referenced types of potatoes : Russet , Yokon gold , and bliss 


for YG :




N.B. : Buttery.   is that an idea similar to " You Brown the Meat to Seal in its Juices "


I still hear that from time to time on ' cooking shows '

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