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Flour Power : a PBS show from 2018


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I follow PBS cooking shows 


in my area on Saturdays :


the usual suspects : Simply Ming , Lidia's Kitchen , Sara Moulton 


sometimes a ' new ' show enters a time slot where something else just finished up 


thus   Flour Power 




this show , not 




which is being broadcast in my area now


if you go to the first ref , you can watch the Prevew


which is 30 minutes .   Minnesota and river power :  white bread


very ver interesting.



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Ido hope others might see this


as I had :


A Falls , on the Mississippi 


for energy 


a massive crop of wheat gearing 




processing .


what urpirsed me 


and amsmile on impart was involved :


the Two Families 


that controlled this




were possibly Friends


as they all attended the 


" Club  "   [ed.: rotuts , forgot the name  ? the Minnesota ? ]


at one point :


the top of Family A


chose to share w Family B


the latest of every technological 




for free.

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Thank you so much for sharing this!!  I am enjoying it so much that I had to stop mid-video to say that  😏  We have visited the Mill City Museum that is in the ruins of the Pillsbury A mill and that was fascinating. This show really rounds out the telling of the story. 


Should any of you fans of flour ever find yourselves in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend a visit. It is a part of the Minnesota Historical Society and well curated. I will post a link to the Wikipedia entry if you are interested in more info.



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"There are no mistakes in bread baking, only more bread crumbs"

*Bernard Clayton, Jr.

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