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Soy sauce


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2 hours ago, liuzhou said:

A good introduction to Chinese home cooking is Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop (eG-friendly Amazon.com link). That is the food my neighbours are cooking every day.



Super, thanks. I downloaded the kindle version.


blue_dolphin - Asians in Medellín are rare, let alone Asian restaurants. The several Chinese restaurants are awful and feature dishes like chow mein and egg foo yung. Surprisingly though, there's a good Vietnamese restaurant and I've called on them for help in sourcing ingredients. There are no Asian food groups (I looked), though there is a helpful food group on FB for Medellín expats. However, I'm pretty much on my own with Chinese cooking. Thank goodness for the Internet and youtube. And egullet. I didn't think to look around for Internet forums until now and was pleasantly surprised to find a Chinese section here.



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