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Bread recipes for sealed bread pans?


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Here's the back story: I have a new friend whose mother died recently, and who is clearing out her mother's house. Her mother collected clocks. Big clocks. Little clocks. Lots and lots of clocks, and they all need to be shipped to purchasers, and my friend needs packing materials. That's how we met: I get stuff through the mail that's bubble-wrapped or otherwise cushioned; I give her those packing materials. 


When she discovered that I love to bake, it became a running gag for her to give me some doodad cluttering up her or her mother's house (that I don't need either, but it's funny) in exchange for packing materials. I now have a set of baking pans that seal at both ends, the way you can make specialty loaves and then slice the bread into cute little shapes for canapes. I'm pretty sure my mother had some too. Heck, I may have hers in storage.


I want to try using these things to make fun-shaped bread but have no idea what sort of constraints there are on the dough. Are the any special recipes to be used? Time, temperature? Grease the bejabbers out of them? (One has fluted edges. I'm showing you the simple heart-shaped one.) Or maybe these are for some fancy pâté instead and I'm on the wrong track altogether...?


Suggestions, guidance and recipes, please!



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Do a Google search for “boston loaf south africa” and see what comes up. Usually a fruit or date style bread, sliced for tea or coffee.

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