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Glad to have found you!

The other Sven

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Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste....oh wait, wrong song. 😉


For real, very happy to have found this forum. So much knowledge and so many quality posts. I can't wait to get involved. My partner and I have started a fledgling chocolate confections business recently, focusing on gourmet chocolate covered caramels. I know we're just at the beginning of this journey, though it feels like it took a long time to get here. Initial reactions have been great...who doesn't like sweets...and there is a good chance that we'll have to stop enrobing by hand soon (can't be soon enough if you ask me). Every day brings new questions, which is half the fun, though I hope that we will be able to benefit from the collective knowledge at this forum. 


I'll start a real (question) topic soon, but in the meantime, hello from California. 

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