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The Avocado - The End?


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18 minutes ago, pastrygirl said:

I'm curious how sustainable pistachios are - almonds take a lot of water, is that true for all nuts? 


But based on price alone, I have to laugh at the idea of substituting pistachios for just about anything else 🤑


I think while requiring a fair amount of water, pistachios still require less than almonds.


However, I do believe that every few years some new thing comes along which will lead us all to destruction. Not that we're not headed that way already.


Yesterday - almonds.  Today - avos.  Tomorrow - ??

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Interesting. I'd no idea about the water use stats for commercial production. My personal ones certainly did  not get that much, nor the grove on the slope opposite me. 


The alternate need for avocado (vegan etc) and the "health" promotion  - well they need to re-adjust.


I have been an avocado lover since early childhood. It was my go to Harriet the Spy tomato sandwich in 1st  and 2nd grade. I see avocado added in places where it lends little and is just a texture, especially when tasteless ones are used. Perhaps we need to see it as a special item and not take it for granted.


The alternate dips mentioned sound good to me. The green pea one has been the guacamole sub for years on weight loss boards. Perhaps the referenced ones could also be adapted to tableside prep or service in a molcajete. 

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21 minutes ago, Cyberider said:

Maybe the avocado growers haven't paid their dues to the "sustainable food" gods.

I don't think any farmer who has invested their sweat physically and emotionally into their field/groves does not want too keep on - but reality hits.  We treat avocados like a 365 right and it is a tree "fruit" with seasons. We expect tomatoes year round and asparagus in Northern American winters (ok they boat in from Ecuador) - I don't want to argue sustainability definitions but water is an issue that as crop consumers we need to be aware of . I live in a drought stricken state which is a major agricultural state. It is on our minds as economic/farming decisions are being made such as the allocation of limited resources. This is not hype - it is reality.

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