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Zwilling Fresh & Save?


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Ive been thinking about something like this :




I think there are version w a hand pump for containers


anyone have something like this ?


and you got it because .....


and use it for ......


or its in a box somewhere in your basement ?


my potential use is for home roasted coffee


which I now Chamber Vac   when I roast several batches 


at the same time.  Im getting a new grinder


and it grinds single dose  ( you decide which basket you are going to use


21 gm  22 gm 25 gm  etc


weigh the above , and grind for espresso etc.


a bit ' fussy ?  you say , grinding by weight


but it solves a variable ( how much ground coffee do you p8t in your portafilter )


if you have a continuous grind machine.  some higher end ones have


a time you can set.


the Ceado grinder Im getting grinds exactly what you put


in the ' open air ' hopper .


thus each espresso might be a different ( home ) roasted variety


back to back.  hard to do w a hopper full of beans


back to the question :


anyone have something like this ?  hand pump versions ?



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