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Fresh picked pears


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We have a neighbor that has a pear tree in the backyard, lots of fruit every year.

Wife and I finally agreed to come and pick them, take whatever we wanted. Still lots left on the tree.

What to do with them? They're still a bit tart, a bit hard. They'll come to a better texture in a week or two on the counter.

I've got some sitting in a sugar/lemon juice mixture, they'll be made into pear preserves tomorrow.

My wife has been baking up some pear crisp, some apple and pear crisp. 

Thinking about canning up some halves in syrup. 


Any other ideas out there?





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I see you are already making some preserves, but are you including pear butter? Here's an example, lots more out there. 



Or you could dry some, of course. 


Not sure I'm giving you anything you haven't already thought of yourself, though.  🙂


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When I had 2 giant old trees my neighbor  who shared in the wealth, introduced me to halving, coring, dotting with butter, sprinkles of sugar and cardamom. and baking. Many times it was dinner with some whipped or vanilla ice cream. I also did them as a chutney. 

pear tree.jpg

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Pear preserves are the best. But I might also recommend pearsauce (like applesauce, only different), or a plain old pear puree, to be frozen or canned and do whatever you want with it later. A few suggestions:


-- sub for blueberries in Vivian Howard's Blue Q barbecue sauce

-- Use with balsamic vinegar for a glaze/baste for pork loin

-- Add to a stirfry with chicken or pork; certainly not canonical, but worth a thought.

--Add in place of any fruit element in any sweet or savory recipe.


I think it'd be wonderful in anything garnished with blue cheese.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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If you have some smaller ones, the not yet ripe ones are ideal for making glacé pears. 

This will not work with ripe pears, they fall apart.



I also used to make Pear Mostarda, a wonderful condiment to serve with duck, pork, lamb, and game, especially venison and boar meat.


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From the BBC: Roast pear & sherry ice cream


From Epicurious, in 2004, a go-to dessert of ours: Balsamic-roasted pears with pepper and honey (We use goat cheese. And ignore the 3.5 rating; some people have no friggin' clue about what's good.)

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