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Burger Baron Documentary


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Here's one for the Canadians in the group, or that portion of those elsewhere who can use a VPN well enough to view geo-blocked Canadian content (tip: the Opera web browser has a simple one built-in).


Burger Baron is a low-budget Western Canadian chain, mostly operating out of run-down, decades-old premises. Yet it's a firm favorite on the Prairies, and has a dedicated following. I moved to Saskatchewan in my late teens, and it was a rare party that didn't feature a Burger Baron run at some point (I ate my first-ever Tater Tots at a BB in Regina...hadn't previously known they existed).

The majority of Burger Barons are now owned by new Canadians from the Middle East, just as the Lebanese diaspora of the 70s came to dominate the pizza market here on the East Coast. It's a fascinating story, told here by the CBC.



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