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Please tell me what cut of beef I have here...

Kim Shook

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Mr. Kim ordered 3 tri tips at our local (Richmond VA area) Publix.  This is what we got:



Nothing online seems to agree about what this cut is or whether it is considered tri tip.  Considering that we now have three of these, if they AREN'T tri tips, can we still cook them the same way?  Thanks!

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@Kim Shook 


interesting .


you've seen what try-tip looks like on-line :




Id love to see what's in the packages 


out of the package 


for fun.


any meat , of any kind can be cooked


SV , initially or totally.


remembering  that the Bath Temp ==> ' doneness '


ie rare , med etc


works for all meat(s) 


time in the bath ==>  tenderness.


with in reason .  there are those pesky 


'' mealy ' issues.


pick your temp for doneness 


and then try to guess the tenderness time.


a massive feature of SV :   once you get  into


' hours '  in the bath


w properly handled meat


an hour or so more , won't take any differenc


unlike that extra hour on a RedHotBBQ.


enjoy !


try one, keep track , and then do the second 


a bit differently based on your first result.




what fun !


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In its listing of cuts that it offers, our best local butcher shop, Louise Earl Butcher, lists both picanha (spelled "picaña," which I guess is also OK) and tri-tip, one right after the other. I'm sure they'd be glad to talk with you if you call. 


Here's a picanha/picaña vs tri-tip video: 



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It's relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to ribeyes and other notable steaks, and is packed with beef flavor. This makes it one of the best cuts of meat for grilling. Tri-tip and sirloin steaks are often confused with the top sirloin cap, but a knowledgeable butcher will know exactly what you're looking for. Traditionally, picanha is grilled on long skewers, but for the home cook, it will be a lot easier to cut the steak into portions for smaller skewers.



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