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Mango jelly


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    • By ShylahSinger
      Hello! I'm fairly new to this site so I don't know if my search was weak. I'm trying to find a way to make Mandarin orange puree at home, but I couldn't find anything even similar in the forum. I am a home cook, but I have been making chocolate bonbons and other confections for over 4 years (intermitantly). It is too expensive for me to purchase this online- not because of the price of the puree, but the cost of shipping makes it prohibative. The recipes I've seen online are all differant and don't seem to be what I need. 
      I would love any help with this! I look forward to hearing and learning from those who have much, much more experience than me. Thanks!
    • By AlaMoi
      made a tapenade using the usual garlic / olives / olive oil / lemon juice recipe - with kalamata olives.
      I have anchovy (tinned and paste) on standby . . . we both like anchovy....
      now,,, I like kalamata olives - especially in a salad that involves feta....
      however, DW is underwhelmed and suggests 'it is just too strong'
      we don't have a large selection of olives at the market - other than the usual green/black/with without stuffings...
      the store has an olive bar - but the descriptions are strictly marketing BS - not specific olive types.  lots of 'mixtures'
      the Castelvetrano press is pretty good - any experiences on toning down from kalamata welcomed.
      other tips.... i.e. 50-50 Kalamata & black/green, etc.
      we do Amazon, so we should be able to get any type . . .
    • By shain
      A bread of Cyprus/Greece/Turkish origin.
      Dough: Make 1-4 days ahead
      - 25g sugar
      - 4g instant dried yeast
      - 100g yogurt or buttermilk
      - 140g water
      - apx. 15g olive oil
      - 9g salt
      - 450g AP fluor
      - Mix all but the flour.
      - Mix in the flour.
      - Knead, rest and repeat until a smooth strong dough forms.
      - Cover and rest for a night and up to 4.
      - 230g of a mixture of coarsely chopped salty cheeses - Feta, halloumi, kashkaval, sirene. You can also throw in mozzarella.
      - 1-2 scallions, chopped (optional)
      - A handful of chopped mint (optional)
      - A handful of chopped herbs: oregano, thyme, marjoram, etc.
      - Apx 8 garlic cloves, halved (optional)
      - A small handful of olives, coarsely chopped (optional. I used Tassos, but most types will work)
      - Filling 1:  100g roasted peppers, coarsely chopped (or instead, use double the next filling)
      - Filling 2:  1 large onion and one leek, chopped and sauteed soft (or instead, use another 100g roasted peppers)
      - a 22cm spring form pan
      - 1/2 tsp of silan (or honey) mixed with 2 tsp water and a pinch of salt
      - 25g toasted sesame
      - 1-1.5 tsp nigella seeds (optional)
      - Mix nigella and sesame.
      - Grease the pan well and sprinkle some sesame and nigella.
      - Flatten (with your hands) the dough on a lightly dusted surface.
      - Cover and let rest 15 minutes.
      - Roll the dough into a rectangle, dusting as needed.
      - Scatter the peppers on one half. Scatter the onion and leek on the other.
      - Scatter the cheeses and herbs evenly.
      - Cut into 7 stripes, so that each contains either peppers or onion-leek (it's fine if some get mixed).
      - Roll each stripe into a spiral.
      - Brush/dip a spiral in the silan (or honey) mixture. Scatter/dip in the sesame.
      - Place in the pan, and repeat. You should have one in the middle, surrounded by the rest.
      - Cover with remaining silan and sesame.
      - Bake in a preheated oven at 200dc, for ~40-50 minutes until browned.
      - Release from the pan. Let cool for ~20 minutes (or more).
      - To serve, bake again for ~10-15 minutes until hot and crisp (or more if needed, e.g. if it was cooled for longer).

    • By liuzhou
      Spicy Mango Relish
      150g soft brown sugar
      150 ml white wine vinegar
      1 star anise
      1/2 a red onion, chopped
      2 cloves garlic, chopped
      1 thumb of ginger, chopped
      1 or 2 red chillies, chopped
      3-4 mangoes, chopped
      1 tsp black mustard seeds
      salt and pepper
      Dissolve sugar in vinegar and add everything. Simmer for 25-30 minutes, stirring regularly. Cool and keep in fridge. It keeps for months. Eat with chicken, cheese, curries, scotch eggs - pretty much anything.
    • By Tropicalsenior
      8 servings

      I usually make one of these every weekend. It's great to have on hand for snacking and it never needs to get boring because you can change the filling to anything you want or anything that you have on hand.
      Approximately 1 cup warm water
      1 tablespoon granulated sugar
      2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
      2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
      3/4 teaspoon salt
      1/2 cup pizza sauce
      1/2 pound sliced Italian cold cuts or pepperoni
      1 to 1 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
      1 egg beaten
      In bowl of stand mixer whisk together flour, salt, sugar and yeast . Add the warm water and with dough hook mix on medium speed just until dough comes together. Add only enough water to have a soft but not sticky dough. If the dough is too soft the filling will break through as it bakes. Turn the mixer down to kneading speed and knead for 5 minutes. Let rest, in the bowl, for 10 minutes and then knead again for five minutes longer. Shape into a ball on the counter and cover with a bowl. (Do not place in an oiled bowl) Let rise for 45 minutes.
      Turn dough out onto lightly floured cutting board or counter and roll out into a large rectangle. Approximately 14 in by 11 in.
      Spread pizza sauce lightly and evenly over dough until about 2" away from edges. Top with sliced cold cuts or pepperoni and then sprinkle with cheese.

      Brush the edges of each of the short ends and fold over the filling. Brush one long side with beaten egg and starting on the opposite side roll up cinnamon roll style being careful to seal bottom edge. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with greased parchment paper or foil with the sealed edge at the bottom. Cut small slits at even intervals on the top being careful to cut almost to the bottom but not through. Cover with a thin moist towel and let rise for about 30 minutes.
      Preheat oven to 350o. Brush with beaten egg. Bake in oven for 20 to 25 minutes until golden. Serve hot with extra pizza sauce if desired
      Note: the amounts on the filling ingredients are optional. I usually have two layers of thin sliced meat. I then cover it with shredded cheese. My favorites are mozzarella and Parmesan but I also use asiago, gorgonzola, and provolone if I have them on hand. For the pizza sauce, I spread it very thinly on the dough and then drizzle a little on top of the cheese. Sometimes I sprinkle Italian seasoning over the cheese. It helps to press everything down before you start to roll it up.
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