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Hershey chocolate bars and baby vomit...


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Ah that lovely concept "shelf stability". As applies to produce etc - cringeworthy. I think they taste waxy. Not something we kids ever wasted our money on. We id snag the little variety miniatures from grandma's candy dish - but that was free and wee trended to the rice crispy, dark chocolate, and peanut. The kisses were enjoyed more for the novelty packaging. It has been eons but I recall them as more melty.

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This really does explain a lot - I’ve had Hershey’s a few times when I’ve travelled to the states. I’d always thought it tasted odd, now I now why! 

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Are you people serious? WOW. I am without words. I can not imagine an American Thinking Hershey Chocolate is like baby vomit? Ya'll are crazy. You all need to watch the history of chocolate. 

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Totally concur.  Sour milk, baby vomit... there's something off about the plain entry level Hershey product.  They did have some really good stuff, the level above the Symphony brand called Cacao Reserve that was really really good.  But they discontinued it 10 years ago. Sadly. 

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I am of the conspiracy school that believes Milton's original shipment of European powdered milk was spoiled in trans Atlantic transit, and the initial rancid flavor that Hershey consumers expected had to be reproduced.


The baby vomit I could almost get by.  My problem with Hershey is I have never seen a Hershey bar in temper.  Chocolate is not supposed to leave fingerprints and bend.


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