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Emeril's pizza grill...any experience with it?


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I am pretty familiar with pizza ovens, and first,  i don't think using that in a home oven would offer any substantial advantage over just using  a stone or steel and a broiler.  Based on the price point, my guess is that the top is thin sheet metal, and since it is closer to the top of the pizza than the oven, it might give you a little more top heat than just using a stone in the oven, I doubt it would be noticeable.  You would be much better off with using a pizza stone located near the top of the oven and turning on the broiler.


Second, I agree with weinoo, another thing I did not like about the info was the attempt to dish the "famous" pizza oven -  actually ,  not sure which one they were talking about,  but it could have been the Bertello - which is $299, not  $1,000   https://bertello.com/  and of course, if you don't turn the pie , in  nearly any pizza oven  ( other than the 2Stone or Blackstone - neither of which are available new, or the Breville )   there will be uneven heat.  Even in the Emeril oven, the back of the pie will likely cook faster, since the front is open.


As to using it on a grill, the general concept has some merit,  thought typically, they put a stone at the top and the bottom, and have more of the bottom open to allow heat to go past the lower stone and heat the upper stone.  https://www.seriouseats.com/michigan-man-builds-coaloven-grill-simulator  that one is not available now,  or the mighty pizza oven,  again not available  https://www.seriouseats.com/pizza-lab-equipment-test-the-mighty-pizza-oven-and-the-kalamazoo-pizza-oven


The other issue with the video is that they say it is important to get high heat, then claim the other oven does not make a crispy pizza because it gets too hot.  For those that like a Neapolitan style pizza, they want a soft bottom, not crispy, so they cook at high temps - usually in the 800 F and up.   It is true that at around 600 F, for many dough formulations, you can drive off the moisture and get a crispier crust than at a higher temp.


So is this worth it? Hard to tell without seeing the results, but in general, cooking on  a grill ( and I have tried lots of ways ) will give you too much heat on the stone and not even heat on top of the pie to brown the crust, if you are a fan of pizza.  

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Emeril has made a significant contribution


making TV cooking shows popular,


via the early days of Food Network


his initial content for the shows was interesting.


"" BAM ! ""  not so much.


I started watching less and less


after I taught myself a bit about BBQ


he then did a show where he par-boiled the pork


ribs for possibly an oven BBQ. BAM !


however , his branded cooking merchandise


strikes me as average to less than average.


I have a small 8 "  All-Clad  Calphalon frying pan.


I got it as I wanted to try that size a long long time ago


and the 8"  was deeply discounted as an entry point


to the complete line.


ita All-Clad  , so you have that.    its well made


but its performance is only average.


nothing wrong w Branded Chef's 


selling their name to something


but it would be nice if the results were


' better than average , minimum '


reflecting the Chef's experience.


Thomas Keller and Raymond Blanc


have their own line.


wonder how these Pan Out

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