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Stereotypically/typically "American" food you've never eaten, or tried only later in life


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4 hours ago, Tropicalsenior said:

Rather than take the time to copy it out which might take me forever, I'll send it to you as I got it. I scaled it down slightly and cooked it in the instant pot.


Thank you so much!  I adore handwritten stuff and would keep all of my recipes like that if my hands would let me get by with so much writing!  I have a few things carefully tucked away in my grandmother's, greatgrandmother's, Jessica's, and my niece's handwriting.  They are treasured.  This sounds delicious and I can't wait for my next ham dinner! 😁

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7 hours ago, weinoo said:

I'm gonna go with the stereotypical American food, the Korean corn dog. However, that's not because I can't find them...







7 hours ago, Tropicalsenior said:

How are Korean corn dogs any more disgusting than the American ones?

Show me where I said anything about them being disgusting please. 

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Corn dogs were the draw at "Pronto Pups", the local end-of-Main Street drive-in which served as the turn around for cruising the drag in my teen years.    Steaming hot and sllathered with French's mustard, they were really pretty good.   Cheaper was an order of spiral fries.    In those days i could enjoy and digest both. 

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