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Can you identify this recipe?


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I have been cooking since I was in grade school, so making something is largely instinct for me. I have an excellent record of throwing things together for a fantabulous dish, but very few things are new under the sun and so I assume the things I've thrown together have a name and are a part of some cuisine. Recently I started a YouTube Channel and I've started posting these 'recipes' and I really don't know what to call half of the videos I'm making. What follows is an example, does anyone knows what this is called because it evolved in my kitchen: 


1 recipe thick white sauce (standard butter, flour, milk with or without an enrichment of cream)

1 vegetable (fine minced broccoli or cauliflower or 1/4 of a kabocha steamed and partly mashed are my favorites)


Combine the vegetable with the white sauce after it has thickened to partly cook it and pour it into a baked pastry shell, cool and serve.


Combine the vegetables with the white sauce after it has thickened and bake in hot 190C oven for 40 minutes. 


To that original mixture I have various flavoring combinations including herbs, bread crumbs, cheese and/or white stock but the idea is the same thick white sauce, vegetable, pastry. My favorite thing to do is make it look like dessert and serve it alongside dinner. I don't assume I've made anything original, so does anyone know what this is actually called? 



kabocha pie.png

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Yeah, pretty much like vegetable tart, or something like that. Talking of pies and baked goods, where do you guys order artisan bread, cookies, if you're ordering any? I've tried a lot of different stores, but Edelweiss store produces maybe the best german bakery fort lauderdale area - bread, cookies, challah rolls and bretzels, and deliver everything as fast as possible. I love such bakery stores, who possess themselves not just like an actual store of goods, but also as an online store, where you can order everything.

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The version with pastry can be seen as a quite classic French tart (tarte aux légumes, if you feel fancy). Without the crust, it can be seen as a gratin dish (gratin de légumes).

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~ Shai N.

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21 minutes ago, TdeV said:

@cteavin, I looked at the wonderful recipe you provided for this tart on another thread (which I can no longer find). Am anxious to try it!


Do you ever pre-bake the pastry shell?

Maybe you saw it in this post, which calls for a pre-baked shell?


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