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Rum Specialty Shops in USA?

Michael Scott

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I also live in the tightly controlled Canadian liquor environment. I probably live in the worst rum province, Quebec. I travel frequently to the US due to business and have visited MANY liquor stores in more than 35 States. If you plan on travelling to Miami, do not fear even the worst stores has at least one or two good ones. FLORIDA IS RUM HEAVEN of North America. I will provide my working list of good shops in the US for you. Anyone who reads this, PLEASE add to the list. We should try to compile a list of the better liquor shops so that we can help all of those people that are looking for good rum in their area. Here's what I've got so far...

  • John Walker Wine & Spirits - (415) 986-2707 - 175 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94104 - Pampero, Pyratt XO, Barrilito 3 Star
  • Blanchard Liquors - (617) 327-1400 - 418 Lagrange St., West Roxbury, MA 02132 - Barrilito, Pampero
  • Blanchard Liquors - (617) 782-9500 - 103 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA 02134 - Barrilito 3 Star, Barcelo Emperador
  • Binney's Beverage Depot - (773) 935-9400 - 3000 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 (10 Locations in Northern IL) - Too many to list
  • Sam’s Wines & Spirits - 1-866-726-7946 - 1720 N Marcey St., Chicago, IL 60614 - Too many to list
  • Hi-Time Wine Cellars - 1-800-331-3005 - 250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 - Too many to list
  • Martin Wine Cellar - (504) 899-7411 - 3827 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA 70115 - Everything but Pyratt XO and Zacapa
  • Fiesta Beverage Mart - 6200 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77081 - Pampero, Flor De Cana Brand, Pyratt XO
  • Fikes-Parkhill Liquor & Wines - 5111 S Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74105 - Appleton 21 YO, Pampero, Sea Wynde
  • Burton's Liquor Mart - 6533 E 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74133 - Great Prices & good selection
  • Miami Liquors - (305) 643-5311 - 2159 NW 7th St., Miami, FL 33125 - Everything you can dream of
  • Albertson's Liquor - (954) 435-8000 - 8030 Pines Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33024 - Santa-Teresa, Pampero

Well that's it for me, not bad for a Canadian ... EH?


Edited by Dan Smith (log)

"Traveler, you who sail into the Caribbean in silvered yacht or gilded cruise ship, pause as you enter these waters to remember that deep below rest three men of honor who helped determine the history of this onetime Spanish Lake: Sir John Hawkins, builder of the English navy; Sir Francis Drake, conqueror of all known seas; Admiral Ledesma, stubborn enhancer of his king's prerogatives and the interests of his own strong family"

James A. Michener - Caribbean

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Thank you, Dan! I was just going to post a question about good rum stores in Chicago, because I'll be travelling there in April, but I guess you just answered that question for me! :smile:

Still, I'll be staying near the biggest hotels (Merriot etc. where there is a big conference at that time), so would either of these shops happen to be within a walking distance from them?

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. - much appreciated. For anyone living in Ontario, and Toronto in particular, the LCBO is doing a very limited release on March 8 of El Dorado Special Reserve 15 yr old rum from Demerara Distillery in Guyana. Price is $59.60 Cdn (about $40 US). I picked up a bottle in Trinidad's airport duty free shops for $37.50 Cdn a few weeks ago.

A reviewer's July 2, 2001 tasting note can be found at www. tastings.com.


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The Chicago Transit Authority is great and can get you just about wherever you want to go, if you have the time. There is a local telephone number that you can get from any CTA ticket counter and if you tell the operator where you are and where you want to go you'll get good reliable information. I don't have a car in Chicago and depend on the CTA. It's very good during the day but like any major city I wouldn't want to be wandering around with a load of rum in my arms late at night. Have a good trip.

There are also good maps of the area available. In fact I take the CTA from OHare to downtown and it is often faster and always cheaper than taking a cab.

Edward Hamilton

Ministry of Rum.com

The Complete Guide to Rum

When I dream up a better job, I'll take it.

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Here is a CTA Map. You can catch the red line downtown at Grand or Chicago (the stops are on State Street). To get to Sam's get off at North/Clybourn. It's about a 2 block walk Northwest of the CTA stop. To get to Binnies get off at Belmont. Binnies is about two blocks southeast of the CTA stop.

Both stores are in busy, safe neighborhoods. The Binnies neighborhood is called Lakeview and is full of restaurants, shops, etc. If you are going to eat on your trip go to Binnies. Sam's neighborhood is very suburban like, lots of strip malls.

Cabs are readily available. A cab to Sams from dowtown will be about $5 each way, a cab top Binnies will be about $8 each way.

Let me know if you need really detailed directions.

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Ah, I visited Binny's in Chicago last week. I ended up taking a taxi there and back. I have to say that the drivers were from very different planets... The first one gave a informative tour of the city and its buildings while taking the straightest route to the store (tried to drop us at some sports store at first, before realising that I was after the liquor store). The driver who got us back made the route even straighter by trying to fly the taxi while the radio wailed at top volume...

Still, I got the rums and the bottles were still intact when we reached the hotel...

And about Binny's: A great store with a nice selection of fine rums. A veritable heaven compared to the stores in Finland. Had some trouble at the check-out because of some strange law that all members of the group, seemingly under 40 years old, should have had their IDs with them... Luckily, we were able to talk our way out of it and I got my rums...

Sadly, we did not have a chance to visit Sam's as well...

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Any recommended shops in New York City (Manhattan)?  I am here on business and would relish the opportunity to find something new.

Try Park Avenue Liquors. Despite the name they're on the west side Madison Ave. just below 41st St. A fairly good selection, but brace yourself for sticker shock. Happy hunting!



Where there's a still, there's a way.

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