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If anyone knows the actual name for this, let me know. I think of it as "fried gratin potatoes."


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I've been making these for a decade, my preferred alternative to french fries. They're sliced potatoes layered either with an infused cream or flavorful stock. You can cook them in a flat dish and then fry them, but I've always liked the way the layers look when I bake it in a deep bread pan. I posted a photo last week and people seemed to like it, so I made a video of it (link at the bottom). Either way, here's the cream/milk version of the recipe -- and if this has a proper name, let me know. :) 




Fried Gratinated Potatoes / Fried Scalloped Potatoes 

Milk/Cream version


  • Garlic, 1 or 2 cloves (optional) 
  • Herbs: Bay leaf, Thyme, Rosemary, one or all to taste
  • Cream and/or milk, enough to make 2 cups 
  • Potatoes, enough to fill whatever sized dish you are using 
  • Cheese, optional. Parmesan and Gruyere are good choices 
  • Salt, to taste


1. Prepare the garlic and herbs. 

2. Add the milk/cream to a sauce pot with the garlic and whatever herbs you will be using. 

3. Heat the milk/cream on a low heat to bring to the simmer. Cover and turn off the heat. Leave until it is room temperature then remove the garlic and herb. 

4. Peel and slice enough potatoes to fit whatever pan you will. be cooking them in. (You do not need to use all of the sauce. You can keep any leftover in the refrigerator for another version later.) 

5. Dip the potato slices in the milk/cream mixture and layer the potato slices in the pan, then add a layer of the sauce and cheese (if using). You can also brush butter or fat onto the each potato layer to deepen the flavor. 

6. Cover and bake in a 350F or 180C oven for 1 hour or until the potatoes are done. 

7. While the dish is still hot, put a sheet of wax paper over it and set upon it something heavy to weigh it down. Doing this will remove all gaps to make clean layers. This step is optional -- unless you are frying. 

8. When the dish reaches room temperature, you can invert and serve or slice and fry. 

9. In a pan add whatever fat you will be using and fry slices of the gratin until golden brown. Alternatively, you can broil slices with a lot less oil, be sure to base the slice to avoid burning.


Here's the video if you'd like to see. 



screen shot.png

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That potato dish looks really impressive.


I think gratin calls for a topping of breadcrumbs and/or cheese. (I see that cheese (optional) is listed in your recipe.)


Your dish seems, to me, more like a very organized scalloped potatoes dish.

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