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Bread : commercial sandwich bread American Style


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over here ;




i mentioned I tried Dave's 21 grain bread.


@Anna N mentioned its a bit sweet.  it is.


Its a commercial company , and that's fine


Id like to go back a few years , many years 


I grew up on the SF Peninsula 


a long time ago :  there were Apricot trees in Los Altos


dirt roads and septic tanks 


the apricots were the best 1


moving on a few years 


a Whole Foods planted itself in Palo Alto.


PA is across a street from where I lived at the time , a technicality 


but I decided I wanted to get some really fine bread there


not unlike the breads from the local bakery 


in both Spain and France were I lived , growing up for some time.


I was very disappointed :   all of the breads I saw there at the time


had   a lot of the Kiss - Kiss stuff  seeds etc 


but also trans-fats  ( remember them ? ) 


and added sugars  it might be honey  but it was sugar.


I do know , doing a little baking myself , some time ago :


if your bread has :  water , flour , salt and yeast 


it might not last as long 


( a very different discussi0n ) 


as bread w fats.  if it tasted a bit dull , added sugar might help you out.


so to the point :


In the U.S. , at major grocery stores :


have you found a Daves 's w less sugar ?


ie USA sandwich loaf ?


thank you for looking into this.


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