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Two other food-related articles in The Economist


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Not only are Chinese restaurateurs robbing graves, Liberian sea cucumber divers are facing privation and hard times.  The Asian export market for sea cucumbers has dried up because of covid, and west Africans won't touch the stuff.  When they ran out of money for food and designer shoes, the Liberian divers were forced to come up with sea cucumber recipes and actually eat sea cucumbers themselves.  So far no one is convinced.  "The divers claim that those who ate the echinoderms were startled by the aphrodisiac effect -- and fisherfolk never exaggerate."


In news of Norwegian cuisine, cod tongues traditionally harvested by young children are criticized for exploitation of child labor.  A recent documentary showed Norwegian youngsters toiling in blood-spattered oilskins.  However an hour's work can earn $143* "not bad if you're six," says The Economist.  By way of social progress the cod tongue industry was previously dominated by boys.  Now it is open to girls.  Frugal Norwegian children are said to be saving up for a fishing boat, a car, or a home.



*no decimal point in there.


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