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3 hours ago, Susanwusan said:

Hi, I followed this recipe allrecipes.co.uk/ recipe/10305/ polish-babka , using a bit less currants and a small amount of chopped dried apricots.  I greased and sprinkled the tins with nibbed nuts but didn't glaze.  It turned out fairly dry - is that how it should be?

Slice and toast and slather with butter.

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A babka should not be dry, it should bee like fresh bread, or rather brioche.

A dry babka is usually the result of staling - it's best fresh, after a day it's indeed best to reheat it a little. Another possible reason is a combination of a dry dough and over baking. Normal baking conditions are 170-180 deg C for 40-70 minutes, depending on size. You can add liquid to your dough if it was stiff, but it should not be sticky after kneading.

~ Shai N.

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