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Beginner considering selling candy: looking for answers to a few questions

Dan K

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2 hours ago, pastrygirl said:


& that's another thing to be aware of - some people will give you feedback, many won't, so it's even harder to know what has happened to your product once it leaves your hands.  As much as I prefer the gushingly positive emails, if I've made a mistake somewhere ultimately I do want to know and try to make it right if possible.  And if it's something like an un-named allergen  - hey, it didn't say nuts on the box but I just bit into an almond- the maker really needs to know before they hurt someone.


I bought something on eBay. Afterwards, the seller sent me an email, asking me how I liked the items, any suggestions, etc. I did email her back and said that the items could have been packed better b/f shipping. (I didn't post a comment on eBay.) She emailed me back and said thank you, she was just getting started, etc. I would buy from her again.


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