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Hello from the sunny Cali's home kitchen

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I am so excited that a forum like existed with great questions, and contributions, thanks everyone for that.


I'm in the process of getting a Cottage food license, and hoping one day(sooner rather than later 😁) that my city will allow microenterprise home kitchen timer operation.  I can't wait to share my Asian, and Asian fusion dishes. Popcorn chicken, beef noodles, 2-5 alarm chili, pasta, to name a few.


Creme brulee is one of the dishes I serve at our private holiday gathering, and most of my friends love it.  Some wants it to go!


I was searching for a proper way to makes, preserve, transport,and that's when I found this wonderful forum.


Thank you again & looking forwards to learn & share anything & everything!

Coco - Yum Yum by Coco



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Able to cook is a blessing, and sharing the good food is a must! Savory your every bite😋

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