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Air brushes, compressors, air brushes, compressors! (for bonbons)


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Hello All,


This is my first question here.  I have been browsing this forum, other forums and several other groups to try to hone in on the criteria for an air brush and compressor that will work for spraying cocoa butter.  Is there any reason why I can't go to Harbor Freight and get an oil-less compressor and a cheap, gravity feed air brush that is around .7mm? (.5mm? .8mm?) Other mm?) Are there any other criteria to take into consideration?  Is it worth spending over $100 for a super expensive one with a great reputation, when I can get the same specs for 1/4 the price? Is there a reason to buy an expensive spray box when I have a huge cardboard box I can spray into?  I would sure like to put all this pondering and inquiring to an end and get the equipment already!  I am just starting out, just a few batches at a time from home, if that makes a difference. 


Thanks so much in advance!


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