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VacSmart (MiniPack) MV31 Chamber Style Vacuum Machine w/ accessories


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Hello all,


We recently upgraded to a larger vacuum machine and are putting this one up for sale. It is a VacSmart MV31 chamber style vacuum sealer. This machine is manufactured in Italy by MiniPack. The VacSmart line has a digital touch screen display and is marketed toward operators who want to streamline their HACCP documentation/reporting. I'm sure this unit is overkill for the home chefs here but for anyone who owns a small food business this machine is a great addition to your operation. We had the gas flush option installed and used it to package our fresh extruded pasta for retail sale. The unit includes a label printer, USB keyboard, angled tray for sealing liquids & user manuals. Plugs into a 120v receptacle. We plan to build a small crate around the machine for shipping. Interested parties should message us for a freight quote. Asking price is $2800 plus actual freight charges. Thank you!



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