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Hello from the Canary Islands

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Hi to everyone out there.


Have been browsing the forums here for a while and finally decided to sign up and get more involved.


I run a small chocolate business in Gran Canaria, which was set up 4 months before Covid turned up... Perfect timing 🙄 Have just about managed to survive all the lockdowns and lack of tourist trade for the last year or so.


On here to pick up tips and advice on growing a small business and happy to offer any back from my limited experience.


Hope you all have a great day out there,


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3 hours ago, gfweb said:

The Canary Islands have fascinated me for years. I'd love to hear more about the place


Me too.  And welcome to the forum.

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Welcome and good luck with the biz. My birder and plant friends love your locale. When I am selling plants I tell potential customers the aeoniums are from the CI and that gets them all perky. 

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