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Cooking Diary: Anova Precision Oven


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I'm very confused about steam ovens, having no prior experience. I have been directed to printouts "Mastering the Convection Steam Oven: Techniques, Recipes and More" from Wolf Ovens, as well as from Wolf, the two page QuickSheet "Convection Steam Oven Reference Guide", and the Instruction Manual (with receipes) from Cusinart Steam Oven. I also have those excellent spreadsheets compiled by @Okanagancook from the CSO thread.
Like other diaries I began the APO diary with with an office binder, multiple tab dividers. (Here are links to my other notebooks SousVide Diary and Instant Pot Diary both with homage to @rotuts for the suggestions) 
Binder Title: Anova Precision Oven Diary
Began:  Jan 2021
Index to sections: 15 tabs, mainly large food groups: Leftovers, Chicken, Duck, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Turkey, Bread & stale Bread, Beans, Grains, Fish & Seafood. I've created a separate section for casseroles because they sometimes involve many component vegetables, grains and meats. In this diary, Vegetables are #15 which conveniently leads to a whole 'nother index with letters of the alphabet, so filing vegetable pages will be less of a chore.
Section: In chicken, there will be a separate page for every different cut of meat + treatment.
Page(s): Each page enables documenting all actions related to that cut or meat + treatment.
The actual details of the cook can be very complex, as the Anova Precision Oven has so gol' darn many possible choices. As it will be very hard to document all these choices accurately in a looseleaf notebook, I have created a paper form which I think includes the choices in the order they are presented to you (or me). 
Over time I will update the form as people report issues with it (Send me a PM). Then I'll post another form to eG, hopefully on this same thread. The version number and date will be on the bottom left of one or both sides of the page. If you contact me directly, I can resend you an old or new version of the form.
I hope that others will become involved in this project and build their own binders of results, which have a good value all by themselves.
Perhaps we can work on a project of summarization down the road.
Edited to add:
I could fill out a couple of form pages and post them, it you think it might be helpful.
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You might want to check out the Anova Precision Oven thread at pizzamaking.com. I personally think its too pricey for its size ( i want to be able to do at least a 15lb Turkey) But this thread has a lot of info on bread and meats, ect..ect.




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