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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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31 minutes ago, chromedome said:

One of the most interesting discussions I have read in quite some time. Thank you for sharing this. 

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

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3 minutes ago, rotuts said:

I just came across this theard




there is no reference in the first post


thatI can see.


I can still see the link in the first post and it still works for me.  Maybe your security systems don't allow you to see it?

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