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Mining Meals - Pick Axe Not Included

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Sorry for the silence. There was a rebellion in the camp I had to calm 😂.  Photos are resuming. 


Todays lunch. A repeat of the lamb and sweet potato casserole. 



And a pasta salad with olives and parmesan that ended in the bin.



As for portion sizes. You can take as much or as little as you wish. There are desserts available and theres nothing to stop you having for example: curry, veg, chips, salad and a piece of fish - apart from your own sense of moderation I guess. 


And yes! Pumpkin. The Aussies love pumpkin. When I came here I knew of Butternuts and the giant ones you carve at halloween. 

Now there's blue ones, japanese ones, turkish ones, golden ones and the usual suspects. And they are allllll gross (to me) 😂


Edit to add: I have just found out the lamb casserole is literally the one from the other day. They freeze the leftovers and put it in the lunch selection section (yey for no waste!). 


With further info also on portion sizes - apparently my husband is reserved, the rest of his crew turn up with full eskies of boxes and biccies and cereal and sandwiches - and a lot end up in the bin (boo wasteful again). 

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I'm sad to say the food has not been getting great reviews 😥

Last night for dinner we had a Pork Vindaloo - it was apparently the best yet and actually had spice to it. The potato was a bit crunchy - and not in the good way. 




Lunch was a coleslaw. 



A bland vegge quiche. 



And for Smoko/Breakfast a beef and hot mustard sandwich (Sambo 😂). 



Tomorrow is the last day of his swing and I may then revisit some of you on the cooking forum! 

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