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Chocolate & Confections Workshops/Classes Index


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One of our missions here at the Society for Culinary Arts & Letters is culinary education and information exchange.  Since 2004, members have developed and/or attended courses and workshops, then reported on them. This index of courses and workshops devoted to confections and chocolates should assist people in finding the topics. Thanks go to @Kerry Beal for suggesting that an index be developed, and to @curls for actually developing it.


Workshop Reports


Workshop Planning


Outside Courses Attended and Reported on by Members



 World Pastry Forum


Jean-Pierre Wybauw


Ongoing Topics


eGullet Culinary Institute (eCGI) Courses on Confections and Chocolate


Demonstration Topics

There are also many topics demonstrating techniques! @gfron1 compiled a fine index of them during his tenure as a host. Be sure to check them out in this index, which includes but is not restricted to chocolate and confectionary techniques.

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