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I could not find a Shake Shack thread


so here it is !


Im a big fan of the SmokeShake


and I have not had one recently  for the obvious reasons.


the food Ive had at Ss in the past I feel is of very good quality.


its not discount food , for sure.  ( enter McD , BK , etc )


Ill need all the Vacc's I can get before I venture out 


into Restaurant World 


My view of the current situation , as it affects me.


so SS is going to do chicken,




I hope its successful.   the Crispy spiced chicken sand.  @ Wendy's 


Ive enjoyed pre C-19


your take ?

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That Korean chicken sandwich sounds pretty good.   Looks like today may be the first day.  I could order online and pick one up for the team.  I will consider.  

Take-out only, as is the case for all restaurants these days.

I'm not fond of eating in my car and the local Shack is around 15 min away so that's a long time for stuff to sit, especially if it already sat around before pick-up.  

Nonetheless, I have placed one Korean-Style Fried Chick'n Sandwich and one order of Gochujang Fries in my online shopping bag.

I have a few hours to consider further before they open at 11 AM.

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excellent !


fits really really really good , best you've ever had


pls consider toning down your report


I won't be able to try it any time soon.


thank you.


"  maybe really really good in   ( fill this in  6 months ? )


thank you again

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OK, @rotuts, here you go...

I ordered online for curbside pick-up at my local Shack:


I arrived right on time.  Took about 10 min before they brought out my food.  Next time, I might do their "walk-in" pick-up since they have a service counter set up outside and so I don't think it's necessary to go inside. 

I decided to take my order home instead of eating in the car.  As mentioned above, I got the Korean-Style Fried Chick'n Sandwich and an order of Gochujang Fries


Fries were not hot so I reheated them in the CSO.  As you can see, there are a ton of them, with what I'd say is an insufficient amount of gochujang mayo.  I've made gochujang mayo for sandwiches before but never tried it with fries.  Excellent. 

There was a very thin, very very crisp coating on the chicken breast topped with a smear of a sweet/hot gochujang-glaze and a smallish amount of kimchi slaw on the bottom bun, under the chicken. The chicken was real meat, nicely cooked, not dry or processed like nuggets.  I'd have liked more slaw and found the ingredients weren't really distributed in a way that you could get them all in one bite.  But hey, it's fast food, what do you want?  I ate most of the sandwich and about half the fries. 

The sandwich was fine, I'd certainly take it over Chik-fil-A but if I'm going to Shake Shack, I'd go with a burger.

Thanks to @rotuts for starting this thread.  This was the first meal I've had since March that was not prepared by me so it was quite a treat!

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located 30 minutes away  


( helpful for waistline maintenance ) 


will add ' extra ' .  I ask for extra " sauce ' for my SmokeShack


they have never charged me.



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I'd have to order it plain - otherwise I think it would be too spicy for me - and I'm wondering if the patty itself is any better than Popeye's?  Of course, it's a moot point since the nearest one to me is almost 2 hours away.  Nice and normal to be thinking about driving to get a good sandwich today.  What a horrible day.  

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Since Danny based the whole idea on his experiences here in STL, especially Steak and Shake, and STL has much evolved and such amazing smash burgers at other places like Mac's Local Eats and F&B (among many, many others - all of whom have better fries that SS)...I go only when I crave their shakes. As for their other sandwiches, well, they've not blown me away.

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13 minutes ago, gfron1 said:

 As for their other sandwiches, well, they've not blown me away.


I've never had SS's fried chicken sandwich, but Ina Garten's knockoff of it is pretty darn good.


Their burger...I wouldn't queue for it

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