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Breakfast 2021

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If I stumble across a German Sausage Vendor, I'm having a German Sausage. Even if I've already technically had breakfast and it's 8am. Call me Samwise. 




Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Mustard & Onion. 

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Matzo brie. I used to make mine like my parents did, which is pan fried with a frittata-like shape. Over time, I upped the water content and added baking powder, as well as opted to bake it, since it's less involved and works better with the high hydration (which requires longer cooking). Recipe below.

I liked it best served with charoset, but we also have it simply with salted butter, with cottage cheese - with and without honey and with date syrup (BTW, the cottage cheese in Israel is really good, much better than those I sampled in Europe and the US).

The charoset is made with dates, apple, raisins, walnuts, red wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and rose water.







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~ Shai N.

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2 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:

If I stumble across a German Sausage Vendor, I'm having a German Sausage. Even if I've already technically had breakfast and it's 8am. Call me Samwise. 




Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Mustard & Onion. 

That looks very yummy - I’d happily join !

A fun fact is that Germans never have sauerkraut on a Bratwurst roll, even though it is a tasty idea ...

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For unknown reasons...maybe the carbonara that @Ann_T prepared for Moe on Monday...I made pasta for breakfast yesterday and today. 

Today, I made Eric Kim's NYT recipe for Creamy Asparagus Pasta featured in this recent article


That's probably about 1/4 of the suggested amount of roasted seaweed on top.  I added the rest after the photo and it was an appropriate amount but would have photographed like a bowl-o-seaweed. 

I dialed back the pasta and upped the asparagus to 3 oz each/serving. Cooking the pasta in a kelp broth and adding more to infuse the cream sauce is a good move. I enjoyed this though it's not as decadent as the amount of cream would suggest.  As the title of the article says, this is not an umami bomb, it's a balm. 


Yesterday was a recipe for Pasta With Marinated Artichoke Sauce from Food52, where marinated artichokes get blitzed into a sauce. A few are reserved and added at the end. I added asparagus and red bell pepper for color and texture. 


This was OK. Glad I tried it but no need to do it again.  Lemon zest or maybe some preserved lemon might help.  Maybe a different brand of artichokes, too.  For marinated artichoke pasta tricks, I prefer a Mollie Katzen recipe that cooks sliced onion and garlic in the marinade.  I generally add other veg to that one, too. 


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@CantCookStillTry – oh, dear!  That sausage sandwich!  I am so in love with that.  And you got it exactly how I’d order it, too.  When we make them, that’s what I aim for and mine never look like that. 


After seeing @Margaret Pilgrim's and @Duvel's Eggs Benedicts, I find myself needing that.  I’ve added it to my menu document.  I think I’ll be making that for a breakfast for dinner soon.


Easter Brunch was kind of retro.  We had spinach and artichoke heart dip:


It was TJ’s spinach dip that I added some chopped marinated artichoke hearts to.  Served with that mini pumpernickel loaf bread that I thought was the height of elegance when I was a little girl.  Momma would have it for cocktail parties and I would love making tiny little sandwiches cut on the diagonal the next day. 


Crock pot Little Smokies with apricot preserves and BBQ sauce:


Another common 1960s/70s cocktail party dish that my mother made.


Fruit salad:


Mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries with lime juice. 


TJ’s Five cheese and filo spiral:


Needed more cheese, but the flavor was nice.


The buffet:



My plate:





Panettone French toast, ham (surprise!), and Easter eggs.


This morning:


All leftovers – fruit salad, hot cross buns (cross melted off and a touch over toasted), ham, and Easter eggs.


I saw a meme that said something like Don’t ask what’s for dinner.  It’s ham.  When that runs out, jellybeans, I guess.

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Yesterday, when I went out to Roan Mills for bread, they had some sausages for sale in their freezer case.  I bought some strikingly pink ones that had beets listed among the ingredients.

Should have waited until I had some proper rolls but had to give into my curiosity and enjoyed one on lightly toasted bread with grainy mustard and caramelized onions.


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Tamagoyaki egg roll.... just used round frying pan (supposed to use rectangular pan )








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Cooking Is A Therapy~ Life Is Not Always Having A Recipe~


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Breakfast parfait in a cereal bowl. From the bottom, granola, Greek yogurt, mandarin orange segments, pineapple bits, frozen coconut, maraschino cherries.20210410_123249.thumb.jpg.856c8a80ad66b42c8dcef2fa5a613011.jpg

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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We still have matzo from Passover, and so I made matzo fatoot. It's pretty similar to the scrambled style of matzo brei.

Matzo are soaked in milk and eggs, then fried in butter.

I added caramelized onions, and to some, I also added nigella seeds, turmeric and fenugreek.

Since my brother was staying over, I also made him some sans-spices, with cheese and bacon (matzo and bacon with cheese... 😬).

Served with strained buttermilk, salad, olives and zchug.


Fatoot is also made from other breads outside of Passover, often lachuch, saloof and malawach. It can be served savory, or sweet with yogurt and honey. It is also often made soaked in Yemani soup.




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~ Shai N.

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9 minutes ago, Ann_T said:
Day off work so decided to make Moe a real breakfast.
Eggs Benedict.
Homemade toasted Sourdough, topped with fried ham, farm fresh poached eggs and homemade Hollandaise sauce.
Mine is the one with the well set eggs. I'm not big breakfast, but I do love hollandaise sauce.

Unlike all those fake breakfasts you usually do.😁

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Id inhale any of your breakfasts 


as @gfweb was having a ' Tongue - Cheek ' dichotomy issue


I9m sure he would too


but , Me First .


my new Breakfast Motto 



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you make me 




keen for these sort of  ' delicousne ss '


'st not  that so much




crispy , hot . crunchy


suck off yhr bone ?


dip or  not 


Im so sorry


as this is a 


FamilyFood group  





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